The Cardinal’s Nest

One of Sevierville’s gems is The Cardinal’s Nest. This beautiful property was the place where Rashanda knew she wanted to commit her heart, to her husband, Amaliko. It has so many gorgeous places to take photos and the pavilion is a perfect ceremony location rain or shine. The venue’s owner Monica Fox-Hilton did a wonderful job at being ready for anything that may come our way.

We started off a little nervous, checking the weather every so often to make sure there were no showers on this August day. The morning had little downpours but the afternoon cleared the skies. No matter what, we had a game plan though. The Cardinal’s Nest had a beautiful tent for the reception area able to hold family,  friends and festivities.

The groom, Amaliko, made his way to the front and patiently waited for his gorgeous bride…. and she did not disappoint. Her smile shone as she made her way to the man of her dreams. This beautiful couple beamed as they exchanged rings and read their vows.

Their family and friends cheered them on through the kiss,  the reception and the final exit through sparklers.

Dead End Barbecue made a delicious meal that everyone seemed to really enjoy.

Rashanda and Amaliko are two of the sweetest, most joyful people I’ve ever met. They both radiate love and warmth. I am so honored to photograph this wedding!