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The Beauty of An Adventure Wedding

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have an adventure wedding? Escape the normal and jump into the extraordinary?


Bride and Groom Dancing on with mountains in the backdrop

Make your Wedding your Own

Most everyone has been planning their wedding since they were little but what if you are out side the box?

What if your dreams are of nature and excitement. Then you have come to the right place my friend! Eloping is such an amazing way to commit to the one you love in a extraordinary place.  We specialize in making sure your wedding day is far from ordinary. Let’s collaborate together to make your dream a reality!

groom helping bride up a mountain. groom has a backpack with a guitar.

Follow your heart and embrace the adventure

So lets talk about what an “Adventure Wedding” would entail… This is a smaller ceremony with just you, your finance and maybe a few family and friends who don’t mind exploring the wilderness with you. You can choose to bring a pastor or you can file the paperwork at the courthouse and say your vows on the mountain tops. You also don’t have to pay for an expense venue because most of these locations are free or a small fee. It is also eco-friendly!!

Bride walking towards groom who is at a waterfall during their wedding ceremony

Have the perfect wedding day in natural beauty

We can then choose a location that you would like as your back drop. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park  has so many amazing places to have the ceremony or there are a few other places that we love to go. The park requires not only that the photographer has a permit (which we do) but that the couple get a permit for the location as well.

newly wed couple in a tent on a mountain top

Tent camping and Glamping are a great way to spend your honeymoon

Locations can be short hikes or we can go with our friends over at Smoky Mountain Guides on an overnight trip. They offer different options from tent camping to glamping! If you are feeling real adventurous in your wedding dress they have Kayak tours as well. This is a great way of combining your adventure wedding and making your honeymoon under the starts.

Bride and Groom snuggled up together playing guitar on a mountain top getting ready to camp

Be yourself and let loose in nature

Next thing to consider is what to bring. You will want to have a backpack to take with you with all your things. This may include your wedding clothes, if you chose not to wear them for the hike. Also, you may want a bouquet, your vows, shoes to change into, picnic, champagne, guitar, blanket, just married sign, water and snacks.

Once we have the perfect location and your bags are all packed we will make our way to your perfect wedding day spot for your adventure wedding, be in on a mountain top, waterfall, lake or field. There we will set up and let the ceremony begin. This will be your unique time to shine! You can let your creativity fly. Sing, Dance, Paint, or just simply say how much you love one another. Exchange rings, give your vows, and seal it with a kiss.

the bride is smiling at the groom as she walks to him on a mountain top

Say “I do” on a mountain top

Couple kissing with Mountains in the Background

Make your first kiss one to remember

If this sound like your fantasy, I will happily consult with you and help you plan your unique experience.   Let’s go on this adventure together!

bride running in front of the groom on a mountain topgroom holding bridecouple celebrating their wedding by opening a bottle of champagnegirl dancing on the mountain topcouple traveling along the mountains in the sunset



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